"Artfully Facilitating the Natural Healing Forces Within"

Sara’s mission is to artfully facilitate the natural healing forces within.

Sara's style is detailed and adaptive. She dives deep into areas that are often overlooked; bringing radical normalization to the body. She enjoys working outside the box by developing, customizing, and adjusting treatments to the ever-changing needs of each individual client. Since graduating from Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2012, Sara found her niche in deep tissue massage after working extensively with the unique musculoskeletal maladjustments faced by the circus arts community. As an athlete that has sustained injuries, she has refined her knowledge of kinesiology as well as the associated therapeutic techniques.

Sara is trained in a variety of modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myo-facial techniques, inter-oral therapy, aromatherapy, Thai massage, hot and cold stone therapy, cupping, and pre-natal. She is pursuing the full 250- hour advanced Mindful Expressionism® Certification and currently is a practitioner of three out of the five levels. To learn more about this program: http://berkanainstitute.com/mindful-expressionism/

Massage therapy provided Sara with an opportunity to combine her fascination of anatomy with her natural artistic ability. Ideal clients are those who want to receive professional and artistic therapeutic touch from someone who is deliberate in their work.

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Massage Therapist, Sara Shaeffer