By Massage Therapist, Sara Shaeffer

BlackSage Bodyworks​

What is BlackSage Bodyworks?

To truly understand, first I would like to break down the name and then deliver how that name ties into the philosophy and mission of this business. 

Black sage, botanically known as Salvia mellifera, is a member of the Lamiaceae or Mint family. The plant is known for its anti inflammatory properties as well as its aroma and potent flavor (stronger than typical culinary sage). Black sage was used traditionally by Native Americans, known as the Chumash people, as an herbal soak for the bath to be used in the treatment of bodily pain, specifically for the feet and lower legs. Metaphysically, the herb is a powerful energetic cleanser and used to ward off negative energies. 
Bodyworks is literally defined as 'therapies and techniques in integrative medicine which involve touching or manipulating the body.' How much more straightforward can you be?